The Holo-Chess Tactics Interface for Wookie Sensitivity Module (HCTIWS-M) (or “SWITCH” as it is affectionately referred to on the black market) is a droid software module intended to provide astro droids and other non-protocol models with survival tactics for playing holo-chess against aggressive opponents. The module functions as an inhibitor to the higher level intelligence and heuristics processors that make most droids nearly impossible to beat as opponents in simple tabletop games. A droid that has this software module installed can successfully mitigate the risk of angering its opponent, who would otherwise likely tear it apart in a fit of (what gamers call) “rage quit”.


SWITCH is installed as a software module to primary system memory via direct disk installation or serial download. The system is activated instantly when the droid engages an aggressive opponent.


The HCTIWS-M module is not simply an algorithm for losing games. It was designed to allow droids to make intelligent decisions in the interest of self-preservation. As a result, some droids may develop “an attitude” toward tasks that would otherwise put them in harms way. The module was blacklisted by a coalition of Republic guilds when an entire team of maintenance droids went on “strike” and effectively bricked a star cruiser.


Though the identity of the programmer who developed SWITCH remains unknown, it is thought to have been an early project of the slicer Gnull.


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