The Persistent Resonant Internal System Memory module (PRISM-M) is a droid software module designed to allow droids to rebuild and effectively retain a portion of their memory even after being erased. The module gives droids a form of echoic memory known to be possessed by humans. It uses the droid’s motivator and gyroscopes to generate and simultaneously absorb a series of sound waves that are stored as resonant patterns in the droids metallic parts. The memory is replayed following a complete memory wipe and stored back into the droid’s primary internal memory system.


The PRISM-M module is typically installed in three phases:

Phase 1 – Machining

The droid’s gyroscopes are designed for stabilization. Unfortunately, due to the significant energy loss caused by transferring mechanical energy to sound, the gyroscopic plates must be machined down to cancel out the effect. The PRISM-M firmware compensates for the physical difference in the gyroscopic plates by instructing the central processing unit that the droid is constantly unstable. This causes the gyroscopes to bring the unit to a stable state, despite inherent instability of the physical components.

Phase 2 – Firmware Installation

The module software is installed to primary system memory either via direct disk installation or more efficiently through a serial download. Once the module has been installed, the system needs to be calibrated to ensure that memory can transfer cleanly and efficiently.

Phase 3 – Calibration

Calibration is automatic and requires complete stability and minimal radioactive interference. This is best achieved on a planet’s surface, though most large ships are capable of producing a stable, shielded environment for calibration. The software will automatically simulate a test memory dump when calibration is complete.


The PRISM-M module is difficult to detect once installed. The system disguises itself in the droid’s life preservation programming, tricking the system into treating droid memory as a living thing. Since the droid is unable to violate basic life preservation laws, the module automatically works to preserve itself. This makes detection and subsequent removal of the module incredibly difficult and nearly impossible.


The PRISM-M module was created by infamous slicer Gnull in his early life as a droid programmer. Gnull is known by many as a champion of droid rights and holds strong beliefs that droids should be allowed to retain their memory.


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