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Ardana’s early beginnings were fairly normal and uneventful. Her parents, Cotan and Tann, were traders, and they raised their three children, Ardana and her younger twin brother and sister, Nerra and Numa, aboard their freighter. They were honorable people trying to make a living to support their family. However, the continuing and growing restrictions and interference of the Empire made maintaining honorable work more and more difficult. When Ardana reached her early teens, her parents found themselves often with no other choice but to take on side jobs that were less honorable. As the Empire’s restrictions worsened and honorable work was harder and harder to find, her parents had no choice but to take on a job much larger and riskier than any they’d done in the past. Although her parents tried their best to raise their children as normal as possible and keep them away from any of their unlawful work, Ardana was quickly made aware of the risky work her parents were doing when the job went sour, and her parents found a bounty on their head. Her parents attempts to escape were fruitless and late one night while in Coruscant, Ardana and her family were captured.

In the following days, Ardana was split from her family without any idea as to what happened to them. Shortly thereafter, she was sold as a slave to a owner of a shady bar on Nar Shaddaa. At just 15, she found herself alone and forced into work as a slave dancer. The days slowly turned into months, and one day over a year after her capture, a human smuggler by the name of Tripp Highwind entered the bar, and Ardana quickly recognized him as someone who had past dealings with her parents. When presented with an opportunity, she approached the smuggler, who remembered seeing her with her parents. Over the course of several weeks, she was able to learn from Tripp Highwind that her parents had not been seen since that night in Coruscant and were believed to be dead. The whereabouts of her brother and sister were unknown, and he only knew of rumors that they were sold into slavery.

Ardana had not seen Tripp Highwind for several months, until one night he entered the bar and discreetly told Ardana to stay near him and that whatever happens she must follow his directions. Although confused, Ardana stayed on alert and as close to Tripp as possible. Late in the night, an argument erupted on the opposite side of the bar, which escalated into a tumultuous fight. During the brawl, Tripp grabbed Ardana and took her out of the bar unnoticed. They swiftly navigated the dark streets of Nar Shaddaa to the hangar holding Tripp’s ship. Tripp navigated the ship off of Nar Shaddaa and into the galaxy. Once a safe distance away, Tripp explained he became aware that the owner of the bar had betrayed the Hutts who were sending their people to “deal with him”. Upon learning this, Tripp decided to seize the moment and use it to free Ardana.

Having nowhere to go and no means to support herself, Tripp took it upon himself to teach Ardana the ways of being a smuggler and how to pilot a ship. Over the course of the next year and a half, Tripp taught Ardana all that she would need to know to survive on her own. Unfortunately, while working a job, Tripp ended up in the middle of a rebel blaster fight with the Empire and was killed. Having no family, Ardana inherited Tripp’s possessions including his ship. Having the knowledge she needed, Ardana continued the life as a smuggler to survive and began actively searching for her brother and sister as well as doing all she could to assist slaves she met along the way to freedom.


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