Merr-Sonn Q2 Holdout Blaster


Description: The Q2 hold-out blaster pistol was a blaster manufactured by Merr-Sonn Munitions, Inc. and is based on SoroSuub Corporation’s ELG line of Diplomat’s Blasters. Small enough to be concealed in the hand of a Human, the Q2 hold-out blaster was common among undercover agents and those beings wishing to use a low-profile weapon when it was first introduced.

Type: Energy Weapon
Skill: Ranged (Light)
Damage: 5
Crit: 4
Range: Short
Encum: 1
HP: 1
Price: 200
Rarity: 4
Special: Stun setting

Note: Adds 1 SETBACK to a character’s Perception check when attempting to find the blaster hidden on a person’s body

Merr-Sonn Q2 Holdout Blaster

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