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FemaleChissEntertheUnknown.jpgPunx is a 27-year old Chiss with a natural gift for the art of medicine, and a knack for learning languages. If this were a play, her life has consisted of two main acts: Boarding School and The War.

Act I
Punx is not a normal orphan with a sad childhood in some miserable orphanage. Her parents did raise her for a short time, but sadly, she cannot remember them. Her earliest memories start in an upscale boarding school on the world of Christophsis when she was four. The only information she was given was that her parents died, but had arranged for her to live at the school until she graduated at 18. Since you can’t miss what you never had, she accepted her reality. The school therapists repeatedly asked if she felt sad and angry, but she didn’t relate. Being aware of her surroundings, she knew she was lucky to live such a privileged life; as Christophsis is a world of have’s and have-not’s.

While the other students went home for holidays and breaks she would spend those weeks taking care of the school’s sanctuary creatures. The school accepted creaturse that were hurt, or babies that were abandoned and needed care to be released back into the wild. She had a natural gift of healing; an uncommon quality for a Chiss.

When Punx was 17, she had a completely unexpected visit from her mother’s brother. An Uncle!? Relatives!? She wondered what her family tree must have looked like, but to meet one in the flesh always seemed out of the question. His visit was disappointingly short and his personality was worse than the Head Dean. He almost seemed annoyed that she sat with him while he ate dinner. Despite her attempts at asking questions, he remained silent while focusing on his food.

Just as Punx was wondering if this was some kind of a mistake, he declared, “The only reason I’m here is to pay for your training. It was your mother’s instructions.”

Punx interjected, "Before she died or was it in her will?”

Her uncle suddenly became stiff. His eyes looked directly into hers and he cleared his throat, “They told you she died?”

Punx replied, “Yes, both of them did.”

As he stood up to leave he asked, rhetorically perhaps, “And you believe that?” as he walked away.

Punx made it through four years of training and her first three years of medical school before war broke out on Christophsis. If they had veterinary training on her planet, she would have become a vet, and never would have volunteered…

Act II
The War was beyond words worse than she expected. Years of tension between the ruling Christophsian families finally erupted into senseless violence and murder; nothing she could remotely relate to. She had only been in combat for two months when she was saved from the horror of the front line. A high ranking officer realized she was speaking another language to a soldier. The officer had a need for a translator, and had a mistrust of droids as they were too easily reprogrammed to be spies for the enemy. Punx spent two years living at headquarters where she was assigned the responsibility of tending to wounded high-ranking POW officers, and translating as needed.

When the females tried to get her to attend social events, she always declined. Those nights notoriously ended in the male floors, and a few female were dismissed for becoming pregnant. Rumors swirled when more than once she was seen receiving letters at mail-call. Some said it must have been a prisoner from group 2C that had broken out months ago. Afterall, when you spend two years with prisoners, how can you not get to know them?

When her first tour finally ended, Punx traveled back to school to finish her medical training and become a fully-accredited doctor. Sadly, the school was bombed and closed indefinitely. Not knowing where to go, she went back to the only home she had, the boarding school. Surprisingly, it was closing too. The wealthy parents no longer felt it was safe to send their children away.

Leaving the main office, feeling dejected and sorry for herself for the first time in her life, she paused to stare out a dirty window. Then, a familiar female voice called out to her; an old friend and veterinarian. “I never thought I would see the day! Bless the Gods, you came back! Punx, a strange messenger left this for you, and I have been saving it for almost a year now!”

She handed Punx a metal box containing two small objects. One was a hand-crank music box. Turning the handle, Punx immediately knew she had heard the tune before. “That tune…where is that tune from? It’s so familiar,” she mused out loud. The other was a metallic orb. It had a very technical appearance. Punx favored being outside with the creatures, and avoided taking elective technology courses. She relied heavily on others for help in that arena. She thought it bore a resemblance to a map orb, but had no idea how to open it. Neither did the veterinarian.

She carefully stashed the newfound treasure into her satchel, causing a letter to fall out. Quickly shoving it back in her bag, she glanced to see if the vet noticed the address was in red ink. She exhaled hard, stood up, and hugged the vet.

“Where will you go?” asked the vet.

“Where this map wants me to go,” and started walking north. “North, to the space ports. Someone must know how to open this orb. Maybe I’ll find them there,” Punx said quietly to herself.

Other Info:
Ixlls.jpg Punx has a young, pet Ixll (Br 2, WT 5) named “Sir” who she rescued during her last tour. He is still unable to fly, so often sits on her shoulder. He resembles a flying furball and is light brown in color, with small streaks of white. One of the few times Punx will show emotion is when she interacts with Sir. Otherwise, she is cool and calculating. Sir’s favorite treat is Mantellian Shortbread; so she keeps a small pouch with her at all times.


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