Kamina’s story starts with her mother, Arunda. Arunda was apprentice to Jedi master Sifo­Dyas (yes, the same Jedi master who secretly commissioned the the Clone Army in the final days of the Old Republic). After Order 66 saw the end of the Jedi order, Arunda went into hiding and naturally sought refuge with the rebel alliance. Fearing for life as the imperial forces gained power, she leveraged her Jedi talents to mask her force-sensitivity and insert herself as a citizen of the empire.

ff27624e303e6304ea7ad0dd791e6330.jpgArunda found work at bar near Corulag Academy where she met naval officer Voss Parck, a widower with three young boys. Her marriage to Voss and birth of their first and only child, Kamina, secured her safety and further masked her true identity. Arunda never spoke of her force­-sensitivity, and even when her daughter started to realize that she was different, she played if off it to Kamina as a “gut feeling” and nothing more than “a hunch”. Arunda knew that to keep her safe, Kamina must never know the truth.

Kamina was groomed for a military life and trained at the Raithal Academy with her step-brothers. Her physical prowess and natural affinity for naval intelligence was evident. Upon her graduation from Raithal, Kamina embarked on her first deployment for the Empire: she was sent to Kashyyyk to infiltrate the rebel base. Assuming the role of a newly ­minted, AWOL naval officer, she was tasked with reporting rebel movements and the whereabouts of Jedi at an outpost near the rebel base. While in deep cover, Kamina fell in love with a force-sensitive rebel named Lyle. As their relationship developed, Lyle realized that Kamina was not only force-sensitive, but that she was also using the dark side of the force. He also knew, however, that Kamina was unknowingly doing so, and that the Empire was using her as a pawn. Instead of turning her in, he tried to explain the nature of the force and give her the chance to react and examine her intentions. Reality set in quickly for Kamina. Suddenly, she knew that her entire life had been a lie. She felt betrayed by her father, her mother, and most importantly herself.

Geonosis-DeadJedi.jpgKamina felt an intense burning inside of her, a growing hate, and a deepening fear. She could no longer support the Empire and in her own act of betrayal, she skipped out on her first scheduled report to her father. She was terrified and fled into the wilds of Kashyyyk. Fearing that his daughter was captured or “worse”, defected, Voss sent a small team including Kamina’s three step-brothers to track her down. When they found only rebels, they interrogated and executed each and every one of them. Kamina, sensing something terrible, hauled ass through the rough terrain but arrived to find the slaughtered rebels and a bound and mutilated Lyle. She recognized the distinct, brutal, and methodical execution style of her former assault team and closed her eyes…


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