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Physical Traits

Gnull is tall (by human standard) at 192cm. He has a slim build, light hair, and blue eyes. He frequently wears a contact lens computer in his right eye.

Gnull has a tatoo on the back of his neck: 1-4-9-2-10. No one’s quite sure what it means, and no one’s ever asked him.

Early Life

From an early age, Gnull was fascinated with droid programming. He learned mostly from watching his step father, an accomplished droid maker, who was forced to leave Gnull and his ailing mother, Una Tharize’d, when Gnull was only five years old. Unable to provide for her son, Gnull’s mother placed him under the care of a Bothan spy named Koth Koskit’lar, who was a close friend of Gnull’s birth father, Invald Refryn’cerr. Gnull honed his skill as a programmer and was eventually able to assist Koth in his dealings, both legitimate and otherwise. From the safety of Koth’s compound on Tatooine, Gnull spent most of his time building droids. By the time he was 12, Gnull had taught himself how to make hacker drones capable of breaching a ship’s hull and shutting down critical systems. By 14, he developed a cybernetic implant capable of adapting to non-human nervous systems. His work was well known on the black market and helped sustain Koth’s burgeoning spy career.

But life was lonely for Gnull. He found solace in his hobby and kinship with the artificial lifeforms he helped to create. Though he was grateful for the opportunities Koth’s career gave him, he quickly became disenchanted with the “spy life”. It wasn’t the immorality or even the inescapable violence that got to Gnull. It was the droids. Droids were treated like tools not partners. They were used and discarded, and they were always the first to be left behind on a job. Gnull felt that his droids deserved more, and he became obsessed with droid rights.


When he had saved up enough money to go off on his own, Gnull left Koth’s compound to pursue a career as a freelance programmer. He set up a small shop in Anchorhead and used his former guardian’s contacts to secure jobs on numerous outworld planets, developing advanced droid modules such as HCTIWS-M and PRISM-M. His work attracted the attention of the Mechanical Libration Front, a militant offshoot of the Coalition of Automation Rights Activists. After successfully completing a series of dangerous jobs for the MLF, Gnull was contracted by the group to hack into an Arakyd Industries manufacturing facility on Coruscant and plant a small device that would interfere with their production. During the job, he realized that the device was actually an EMP weapon that would destroy the local population of droids. He feigned capture and skipped out on the job, but the MLF was either not fooled or too worried about being outed and placed a bounty on Gnull’s head. Gnull abandoned his shop on Tatooine and fled to the dark corners of the outer rim.

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